Friday, May 22, 2009

New Script Being Written

Ok so that storyline I wrote about before, completely erase that from your memory. Now I know why real developers don't reveal details until the game's almost done haha! The story I originally wanted to do is too deep and complicated for the new style of the game, so I started rewriting the game script. The new plot is simple, yet opens the door for some potentially funny moments:

"Kail's girlfriend leaves him one day and starts dating the toughest dude in Mushroom Hill, NJ: Joe Bonas, leader of the Bonas Gang. A week after the break up Kail receives a letter from the Bonas Gang telling him that his girl is with Joe now and the Bonases want Kail and his friend Spade out of town, and if they see them they're gonna rough them up. Kail decides to go take on the whole gang by himself, but Spade interjects and tells him he's coming too, saying he's been waiting for something fun to happen for a while. The two then set out to take on the Bonas Gang."

You can spot some subtle (or not subtle) pop culture references in there, and if you can't, I'm not gonna point them out. The opening cutscene for the game is also gonna start a sub-plot about Kail's father, which is itself a parody of something else.

Trust me, this game is gonna be crazy good.

Friday, May 1, 2009

An engine has been found! Programmers need not apply any more!

So after working on the music for the past few weeks I've been playing a lot of other games for references. A few of them, namely TMNT arcade and Final Fight, inspired me greatly, but not for the music.

Falling Down is now going to be a side-scrolling beat 'em up.

You heard right, Falling Down is now an arcade beat 'em up in the style of TMNT, Final Fight, X-Men arcade, Streets of Rage, and countless others. I have the engine already, it's just a matter of getting the artwork and music done now.

Also, the storyline is going to change drastically as well to fit the new style.