Friday, April 3, 2009

Comic Series Tie-In - Package Deal and Kail's Chaotix

Alright so the game is still on track, but me and Bill have been working on side projects while we do Falling Down, one of them was a reboot of Spade's comic series Package Deal which takes place 5 years after the original Package Deal and sports Kail and Spade 5 years older, now going by their real names of Chris and Bill rather than their nicknames, and now with more realistic hairstyles. Bill came up with the idea of the Package Deal reboot around the same time as I came up with Falling Down, which was originally going to use the designs from the new Package Deal series, but I got so into the whole nostalgia for the old comics thing that I decided to use the old designs, which is where the idea to have Falling Down take place AFTER the old Package Deal, and BEFORE the new Package Deal. If this sounds confusing, it's about to get worse.

Now Package Deal was inexplicably "cancelled" after about 7 random strips, not enough to get any real character or plot development into the picture, so I decided I would write and draw a comic series that will tie everything together into one big canon. This series, Kail's Chaotix, is going to parody video games, nerd culture, pop culture, real life, anything funny, etc, and is going to tell the story of what happened after the first Package Deal, up until Falling Down, and then after Falling Down up until the new Package Deal.

The original Package Deal took place in 2004, while the new one takes place in 2009, thats a whole 5 year gap in which to fill with numerous misadventures. The formula to Kail's Chaotix is going to consist of single-page strips that are about 6 panels each that continue the story from the last strip and also deliver a quick joke. Me and Bill are going to work together, yet seperately, to make sure our two comics interconnect nicely, as in the ending of my comic takes place directly before his begins.

Above is a drawing of the new design for Spade that Bill did for the new Package Deal, it's similar to the original design but now looks more realistic rather than cartoony.

Here's another sketch of Spade and Kail, now Bill and Chris, from the new Package Deal. Like I said, this one is going to be a more realistic approach to the original Package Deal concept. Bill's been sending me scripts and it's a more polished and refined version of the comedy from the original.

As short lived as Package Deal was, five years later it inspired us to continue the story, in both comics and video games as our chosen mediums. I have no control over what Bill does with his series, and he doesn't have much control over mine, but we'll both be working together on this to ensure we're making AWESOME and FUCKING HILARIOUS comics that everyone will love.

Expect to see the first Kail's Chaotix strips soon, as I've already scripted the first 5 comics and drew the first one.


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