Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Multiplayer Madness

Any game worth playing is worth playing with your buddies, am I right? Who plays games alone these days? Well, a lot of people, but the thing I hate most about life is not being able to beat the crap out of my friends, so I turn to video games. Out of my group of friends, here so referred to as The C Warriors, I kick the most ass in Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo (I have the high score at Burger King) and the Dragon Ball Z Budokai series (thanks to my brother). I'm also skilled in Bomberman and Smash Bros, which are some of my favorites because they're challenging when I'm playing with my bros.

What does this have to do with a mostly single player platformer such as Falling Down? Well name one great platformer that had an ALMOST FUN multiplayer mode! That's right, you can't, cause they all sucked. Sonic 3 and Knuckles and Super Mario World, the two greatest platformers of all time, had terrible multiplayer modes. Honestly, they weren't fun at all. So wouldn't it be great if my game had an AMAZING multiplayer mode?! Yes, yes it would. So I hereby declare my idea to put an awesome multiplayer mode in this game. Num num num.

Right now I don't know how the multiplayer will play out. Think a playing field like Bomberman, four players, and every secondary good guy in the game is playable beyond the three main characters. This would be a great added bonus if we can get it into the game, who's with me?!


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