Saturday, February 21, 2009

A lesson on sprites

Yeah so if you didn't understand what a sprite was in the last post, let me explain. In the world of video games, these days there are two ways to do things: sprites and 3D models and polygons.

Sprites are character animations made using pixel art and stuff, like MS Paint I guess would be a good example for people who've used it. It's like animating cartoonies, each pose is it's own sprite.

Here's a sprite sheet from Sonic the Hedgehog 3, the first section are all the poses used in the game, the rest are custom made by fans. In Falling Down there's probably gonna be less poses than in Sonic 3, but that depends. My friend Bill Sweet, who did the sprite I posted early, is gonna be the sprite artist on Falling Down. He's improved significantly since then, as that was 5 years ago, so get ready for some great art in this game!

Hopefully this week I'll cook up some mock-up screen shots of what I envision the game to look like, and I'll post some information on the story and stuff.


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