Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Story Details

So I told you about the gameplay, now you wanna know about the story?! Alright alright, but before I do, the above picture doesn't show characters actually in the game (except Kail, left, and maybe Spade, right, Squadman, unfortunately, isn't in the game).

The story focuses on Kail, a slacker trudging through his post high school years. He's been going on a downward slope since he graduated high school, he was kicked out of his house, he barely gets any hours at work, and he's late on his rent. One day though, all of that changes. He wakes up around 2 in the afternoon one day to find out his small New Jersey town of Rutherford has been overcome by monsters! To make matters worse, there's no food in the fridge, so Kail has to fight through dozens of monsters to get a bite to eat. Kail and his friends then decide to go out and fight the monsters to keep the town safe, but discover something strange. A long time ago Kail concentrated all of his negative vibes into another being, Laik, who's essentially the bad side of Kail in one human form. Laik's discovered a way to bend reality to his will, so he created all the monsters that have been laid out over the town, and he has a helper: a giant 40 foot monster called the Destroyer. Now Kail and his friends need to clean up the town and take out Laik and the Destroyer!

How's that for a story? Name one platformer that takes place in a small town covered in monsters, actually, nevermind, because you'll probably name some games I never heard of and they'll turn out to be amazing games everyone knows of but me.

Anyways, thats not even the beginning of the story, it gets a lot more wild from there, and Rutherford isn't the only place you explore, you also get to explore New York City! Yayy!!!

It's gonna be a wild game, once I figure out who the characters in the game are I'll let you know!


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