Sunday, February 22, 2009

Package Deal

Here's a little history lesson on my past with sprites and comics and sprite comics. My friend Bill Sweet, also known as Spade, and I used to make sprite comics based on Sonic the Hedgehog and our lives, more of them based on our lives. In 2003 we did one called Sonic Advance 3 which was a comic about Sonic and friends after Sonic Advance 2 came out, and then the actual Sonic Advance 3 game came out. Well after that we did a lot of random one shot comics, then I started drawing comics and Spade stuck with sprites and he did a series that still sticks out above all the rest: Package Deal.

Package Deal was a comic series about Spade moving into a new apartment in a new city, and not expecting his buddies tagging along with him. It starred Spade, Kail, Dazz, Joel, Squadman, JJ, and other random characters I don't remember at the moment getting into wacky situations, usually hilarious ones.

What was great about Package Deal was the use of custom sprites based on Trionic's Sonic sprite sheet, so it gave the series it's own unique feel because at the time no one was really using these sprites.
You're probably asking "Kail, what does this have to do with Falling Down?" Well, Little Jimmy, it has everything to do with Falling Down! Since Bill now joined the Noise Tanks team, he's gonna be making the sprites for the game, so expect it to have a very PD feel to it. The game isn't gonna be as bright and colorful as PD, because the hell it's called Falling Down, not Happy Time Adventure, but it'll look similar to it, just a little darker.
Alright well I gave y'all enough to laugh about for now, I'm going to bed.


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